Saturday, July 11, 2009

SEO Services in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Africa at Large

Well, SEO is the acronym for search engine optimization. In the simplest words possible, this means fine tuning your website to the demands of search engines (like Google or Yahoo) so that you can get traffic i.e. people visiting your site.

Some of the main activities involved in SEO are site scrutiny, keyword research and generating content of 300+ words (based on the keyword research), inbound link building (posting articles in high ranking websites) and meta tag analysis. The articles are no ordinary articles; they are SEO quality articles. These articles are not cheap; they cost quite something. You can decide to write the articles for yourself and in a day you may probably have, at most, 3 quality articles. But if you give these to experts, they can generate up to 30 quality SEO articles (with proper keyword research) in a single day. The breakdown of the cost of article generation is as shown below:

30 articles KShs. 9,000 ($117.50)
50 articles KShs. 14,000 ($182.95)
100 articles KShs. 27,500 ($359.95)

Link Building

On 5 websites – KShs. 2,500 ($32.5)
On 10 websites – KShs. 4,000 ($52.0)

NB: Link building is important because the Search engines greatly consider inbound links i.e. links pointing to a site. Quality inbound links are created from websites with high page ranks pointing to the ones with low page ranks. SEO experts have identified high ranking sites in which links can be created pointing to low ranking sites.

There is always room to customize the cost according to the needs of the client.

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Affordable SEO Services in Africa

Most African websites are not performing well on search engines. The reason why your website should perform well on search engines is because the engines are the most common used tools in the world today. Here is a good practical example: most of the times when you are looking for certain information, you would use Google (or any other search engine for that matter) to get that information. This means that if you want people to come to your site, you must have relevant information on it. It is for this reason that you need SEO services.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. This is simply fine tuning your site to the demands of the search engine so that you can get people coming to your site. Some of the activities involved in search engine optimization are:

- Content Generation – as we found out earlier, when people are looking for information they use search engines. Search engines will index the websites with most information on a certain keyword highly. In addition, the website must have relevant content that is related to certain keywords. Content generated should focus on certain keywords and thus, keyword research is necessary. SEO experts have their own tools for getting keywords that are related to the main keyword.

- Link Building – one of the things that search engines consider when indexing sites is inbound links i.e. links pointing to a site. They only consider valuable links i.e. links placed on websites with high ranking pointing to websites with low ranking. SEO experts know websites that allow for these inbound links to be created.

- Meta tag analysis – the html tags that are attached to one’s website also matter. This mainly includes the Meta tags for keywords.

With the current economic crisis looming to render people jobless, there is an economy that can never be shaken nor destroyed, it has no president and corrupt leadership. This economy is the web economy. If African websites can maximize on the web economy, they don’t have to fear being laid off. The beauty about the web economy is that it runs on its own. Once a proper set up has been done, the rest will follow.

SEO services in Africa are now available and will make your website a great hit!

SEO Africa - Help for your Ailing Website

After browsing through a number of African websites, I found out something strange: most of them lack content. Most of them are wonderful with beautiful backgrounds and great flash images. They also have many links pointing to other sites. My question is ‘what is the main aim of a website?’

My answer is that it is a marketing tool that, if used wisely, can bring in millions of dollars daily. Many Africans don’t realize this. With the current economic crisis that is hitting both major economies and developing countries, the only economy at the moment that seems to be most secure is the web economy. If one is able to tap into this economy, then they can make millions of dollars.

SEO is the acronym of the phrase search engine optimization. This, in the simplest terms possible, means fine tuning your website to the demands of search engines. You may ask,’ why do I need to fine tune my website for search engines?’

The answer: the most used tool in the web economy is the search engines. Google, Yahoo Search, Alexa etc are some examples of search engines. How many people do you think use Google everyday? It is definitely more than 10 million. Just imagine if you could fine tune your website and got all those people directed to your website. The Adsense ads clicks will bring you enough money without you having to sell a product.

SEO in Africa mainly involves content generation, link building and analyzing of the tags of the website. But most of it is centered on content generation. It would be good to know how search engines work.

Whenever anyone is using a search engine, they are looking for information. When you do a search on a certain keyword, the sites that appear on the first pages have most information about that keyword. This is why content generation for African websites is needed. Most of them don’t perform well on search engines because they lack information. This is the reason why these websites need SEO services.

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Sunday, June 21, 2009

How To Rank Highly on Search Engines

The earlier your site appears on the search results the more traffic it will receive. Site indexing may take an approximate 2 weeks. This is not guaranteed as some sites take up to six weeks or even a month. This will depend on how you optimize your site to get search engine to recognize your site in the shortest time possible.

Through editing the sites contents, coding the html of the site and increasing its relevancy by using the right keywords contributes towards getting rid of any barriers that may affect the indexing activities of search engines.
Search engines have their rules and regulations on how to make your site more conducive for search engines. Going against these rules may have your site suspended for some time ,penalized or even removed from the search engines databases.

Ranking highly on search engines would require an SEO expert to closely analyze your site and come up with a strategy that can rejuvenate the site once again.
Sites are lowly ranked due to poor keywords, or irrelevant keyword phrases. If the site has used very general keywords, it stands to rank lowly as general keywords have a very intensive competition. Competing with over a million sites over the same keyword would require a lot of work and SEO techniques only found with the right SEO expert.

The site may not be indexed by the search engines if no spiders ever visited the site. When Spider/Crawlers visit sites they hardly take longer than required. During the visit, if your homepage happened to be poorly optimized, the details that will be cached in the search engines database may not be of help as traffic to your site will be very low or hardly any traffic at all.

SEO experts can get your site to be highly ranked using white hat SEO techniques. White hat techniques are more preferable than Black hat techniques. Your site will rank highly and hold the top ranking positions genuinely, eliminating any chances of having the site been penalized or lowly ranked.

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SEO: Earn More From Your Site

Marketing has changed coarse and new strategies have come up to sell goods and services. It would be more better if I knew the price of a particular item and where exactly to find it. This would save me time traveling the whole day and spending money without certainty that I will really get what am looking for.
The Internet is the easiest way to sell your products and services. The market is not limited locally unlike normal business. You can market your services abroad at no extra cost.

You don’t need the capital to set up a stall or rent a costly office. Once you place your services on the Web, you are set to do business. The next thing you may need to ask yourself is how relevant is your site to those looking for your services and products?

The Web is visited daily by more than 10 billion people searching for solutions in more than a billion indexed pages. It your site happens to be indexed beyond 20 in the search engine results, chances are that your site will hardly be visited.
It is possible to harness the daily visitors from the Web and convert them to earnings. Imagine if your site would always be having traffic not less than 3000 hits per day or more. You will be guaranteed to generate income from the services you provide on the site.

Extra earning will be generated from Google ad sense, a very successful way of advertising products and services on the Web. The ad sense on your site will provide a closer solution to what your visitors are looking for and every click on the Google ad sense means money in your account.

Get the right SEO service and start generating more income from your site with no public holidays or external influences that usually hinder a normal business to run on a normal day.

Get Search Engine Optimization

Have you ever wondered why your site never gives you the results you expected? Your site may have all the is required to make your business boom. You have spent a large amount of money in advertising to a point that you start wondering what next.
Your site would most probably be needing a planned effort to male it more available to those who might be searching for the services you offer. This is where search engine optimization comes in.

SEO is the art of making your site more relevant and useful. In return the site becomes more identifiable by search engines which display your site among the top indexed pages when a search is performed.

SEO is dated back in the mid-1990s, this is when the first search engines were starting to emerge. Now SEO has become an important factor when it comes to marketing your services on the Web economy. As a marketing strategy, SEO puts in consideration what searchers are looking for and how search engines are reacting to these searches.

To get your site to rank highly a lot has to be done. One of the most important factors to consider is how your site has been developed. The site has to be designed in a search engine friendly design. These includes putting in consideration such as correct html coding ,layout of your site map, menus, shopping charts and content management systems. This is more like in cooperating design and web development.

SEO involves building links pointing to your site and making the content more relevant to crawlers by using proper keyword phrases that relate to the content on your site. Site Engine Optimization heavily uses white hat techniques. These techniques are allowed by search engines. Other techniques that are mostly used by webmaster to increase the relevancy of sites are known as black hat SEO techniques. The risk of using black hat SEO is that your site can be lowly ranked, suspended or penalized and removed from the search engine data base.

Sites that use SEO to rank highly generate a return on investments. By building links pointing to your site, search engines consider your site useful. By considering the fact that other sites are linking to you would mean your site is relevant and important to searchers. In return more traffic is directed to your site. Large traffic contributes to revenues either through ad sense from Google or from sales on your site. Other sources of revenue that come as a result of SEO are affiliate programs and selling links.

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Saturday, June 20, 2009

SEO Services in Uganda that can bring profits through your website

Whenever people go to use the search engines like Google or Yahoo, they are looking for information. If you do a close analysis of the sites that comes tops for most searches, they mostly originate from the US and the Europe. The question I would like to pose is this: why don’t websites from other parts of the world like Africa appear? Is it that the websites have paid the search engine providers so that their websites may appear there?

Well, my answer to this is only one: most of the African websites that exist are not search engine friendly. What I mean by this is that they don’t have enough content on them to begin attracting search engines. As stated earlier, whenever people are using search engines they are looking for information. This means that search engines will always give preference to the sites with most information than to one with more flash images and many ads on it.

It is for this reason that many Ugandan websites don’t perform well with the others. It is very possible for a website from Uganda to be indexed in the top pages of a search. All one has to do is to have the relevant content on it. If I have to repeat this statement over and over again, I will not mind because this is the only way your website will do well: whenever people are using search engines they are looking for information. The more information you have, the higher your chances of being top in search results.

Most of the Ugandan websites I have observed don’t have adequate information. This is where SEO (search engine optimization) comes. The work involved in SEO services include generating content for websites, creating high valuable links on the same and having the right meta tags. These things may seem hard to understand, but you can always get SEO experts to help you in understanding this.

Available SEO services in Uganda.